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Non-residue Tamper Evident Security Seal

Product code: BBSV3

Pack size: 1

  • Black seals featuring a tamper-evident surface that leaves a 'VOID' pattern on the label when the label is lifted. Tear-off tab with copy of serial number for recording purposes.
  • This security seal is ideal for preventing undetected access to any type of ballot box, doorways, rooms, etc. They are also ideal for secure mailing applications. These void labels cannot be removed or switched to another piece of equipment without detection.
  • Benefits include:
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Shows VOID message on label itself when peeled.
  • Labels are non-transferable.
  • Effective against tampering.
  • Serially numbered to ensure security.
  • No residue left on surface.
  • Supplied in 100s
Size   45mm x 175mm per label + tab
Colour   Black

£57.00 + VAT