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Comprehensive history of Shaw's published

By Kelly Larwood
13 June 2020

A comprehensive history of Shaw’s called ‘A Good Name Hath Endured: The History of Shaw & Sons Ltd 1750-2020’ was recently published by a former Director of Shaw's. The book, which builds upon previous histories written in 1939, 1950 and 1972, documents up to the present day the impressive, long-standing history of the firm and offers a fascinating insight into how the social history of that period impacted the company’s operations.

Escaping from the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden Moor, Henry Shaw came south to London to seek his fortune in the business world and set up as a printer and publisher to the legal profession. One can only wonder how he would have felt had he known that the company he established would remain in existence some 270 years later and that he would still recognise many of the products and services it offered.

Remaining under family ownership until 1972, Shaw & Sons employed over 200 people in its heyday; since then, despite several changes of ownership and a current staff of just eight, the spirit and ethos of the company remain unchanged – as does its ‘good name’.

The book has been published under his own imprint, Stringbean Books and is available for purchase at £5.99 + £2.48p&p. Contact to order.